What to know about Servicing of NPS CARGO ?

Due to its rugged and easy to maintain nature, NPS CARGO has minimal breakdown of parts. 90% of the servicing can be done on-site and in a very short period of time. 

We at HCD India, are 100% focused towards providing servicing specifically designed for your last mile delivery requirements.

These include

  • On Site Servicing - We understand that you do not have the time to bring your vehicle to the service centre to fix minor issues. Our staff comes to you and fixes the issue so your delivery business does not face any disruption.
  • Extra Spare Parts - We keep extra spare parts so that in those crunch times, if a battery or charger breaks down, you can get a replacement asap. 
  • Battery Rental - In case your battery has been sent for repair to the workshop, you can rent a battery from HCD to continue doing deliveries and then return the same once you receive your original battery. 


Priority Servicing  

It is clear to us that no matter how rugged we try to make our vehicle, servicing is of topmost important to our customers. We have an Annual Monthly plan that allows you to get same-day priority service. We try to ensure that you vehicle does not stop for even a single day.

Give us a call at 9958716723 for more info about AMC priority servicing.