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Electric. Rugged. Breakproof

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Why HCD India

India's first OEM focused towards Last Mile Delivery segment. Our patented product and services are designed so your EV 2W is always running. Minimal downtime.


Steel Chassis

Reinforced steel chassis for maximum durability & ruggedness.

Minimal Plastic Parts

We minimised the number of plastic components to ensure least breakage and disruption.

Max Load Capability

You can load the scooter up to 200 kg with ease. And plenty of areas for loading boxes and cargo.

Double Battery Option

For more range, we provide you an option of fitting 2 batteries in a lockable metal box, for extra security.

ICAT Certified

Our E 2W is certified and compliant with all government policies.

IOT enabled

Option of pre installed IOT with features like bluetooth, cellular connectivity, battery analytics, start/stop etc. Extra charges apply.

3 Year Warranty

Due to the extensive use case of the product we provide a 3 year warranty on the motor, controller, speedometer and battery. Learn more.

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Assembly Unit

Tauru Road, Bilaspur
Village Pathreri,
Tehsil manesar,
Haryana 122413

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