Dealership Info

Thank you for considering partnership with HCD India and becoming our dealer in your geographic area. A sound dealership-OEM relationship is the only way for us to deliver convenience and service for out of state customers. Once you decide to become an HCD customer, you take upon a promise of delivering high quality products and services to our customers. HCD will ensure you have all the support in terms of spare parts and training to deliver the best value to customers.  



  1. Space: A minimum space of 30x30 ft is required to attend/ display our vehicle. 1-2 vehicle display is enough for customer to see and experience the vehicle. 1-2 test vehicles should also be placed outside for prospect customers to undergo a range test.
  2. Warehousing: Apart from storefront, you will be needing a space to store at least 20-40 vehicles ready for delivery, Our customers expect delivery within 2-3 days. We don’t want you to have any excess inventory but a ready supply of 15-20 vehicles should be there.



Our vehicle is an extremely low maintenance vehicle. However, we recommend at least 2-3 employees handling the following:

  • Sales Manager : Person who looks after sales and manages customer relationship.
  • Electrician : Handling all issues relating to he electric parts in the vehicle
  • Mechanic/ Technician : Handling all mechanical issues in the vehicle.



  1. Upon signing of dealership contract with we expect an order or 20+2 units paid upfront plus franchise fee. ( 2 units will be for testing purposes. )
  2. The vehicle colour can be of any choice.
  3. Spare parts to be purchased for INR 30,000. The profit margin charged by the dealership on spare parts will not exceed 20%.
  4. Transport cost will be extra.



Dealer is required to pay an upfront fee of INR 2,50,000 ( Rupees Two Lacs Fifty Thousand Only ) to the OEM for dealer registration. 

An MoQ of 5 units with battery and chargers.

*Transport cost will be extra depending upon the location.



  1. We recommend a local source for battery and charger. We will provide complete support for the same. The batteries selected for the vehicle need to clear our parameters and requirements. We will test the battery thoroughly before approving it for use.
  2. In case a local battery vendor cannot be found, we will provide batteries and chargers as well.

  3. No other battery apart from OEM approved battery will be used.

  4. Li batteries & chargers are extremely volatile parts that can lead to physical damage in case of mishandling. The dealership can be revoked if proper care and support is not observed by the dealership.



  1. While the NPS Cargo is an extremely low maintenance vehicle. We expect the dealership to uphold utmost servicing standards as a representative of the company.

  2. We will provide training and 24X7 assistance to the dealership. In extreme cases an on-site visit can also be arranged.

  3. If the OEM feels the dealership is failing to upload servicing standards, the OEM can withhold inventory till the servicing is brought up to standards.

For any other queries or questions, please feel free to contact us at 


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