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About the Founders

Mrs. Neeraj Nanda, director


Mr. Raghav Nanda, director

After completing my masters from Michigan State University, I went into work in the field of renewable energy consultancy. Having gained ample experience, I looked into the EV space for possible opportunities. Having interned at the prestigious IDEO consultancy in Boston, I plan to bring the same human centred ideology towards building EV products and services that take into account the nuances and quirks of the human behaviour. 


With HCD India, our plan is to put humans and human mental models at the centre of our business model and use the theory of jobs to be done to build products and services that make the lives of humans easier, cheaper and more efficient. 


Our flagship E 2W, NPS cargo, is designed meticulously and deliberately around the journey of a last mile delivery/ connectivity rider. Trade offs were made by reducing the number of fragile plastic parts for increased durability, ruggedness, load bearing capacity and ride-ability. The warranty, pricing and on-site maintenance plans were planned to ensure least disruption and maximum value for money to the fleet managers and logistics companies. 

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 “ Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”― Albert Einstein